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Medical culture helps in preventing flu Main

03 февраля 2016

Medical culture helps in preventing flu

According to the World Health Organization there is observed spread of influenza A (H1N1) virus in many countries of the world.

There are reinforced sanitary control measures and medical prophylaxis in our country in order to prevent the penetration and spread of the influenza virus, protecting people from infection with acute respiratory infections.

There is paid significant attention to ensuring uninterrupted supply of thermal energy to objects of social sphere, consumer services, cafés, restaurants, shopping malls. There is organized the work on sanitization and disinfection of working places, educational and health institutions, and other organizations at the level of requirements, to create appropriate conditions for the observance of rules of personal and general hygiene.

- The spreading and infection with influenza and acute respiratory infections occurs by droplets, - said the Deputy Director of Tashkent City Institute of Health and Medical Statistics Aziz Nizomov. - Vaccination, wearing masks – are the main methods of effective organization of health prevention and disease control. Influenza activities have been started in the early autumn. The certain part of population has been vaccinated. There is performed regular morning examination at educational institutions. Cooperation of doctors and workers of sanitary-epidemiological sector gives highest result in studying the sanitary and hygienic state of mahallas and homes, carrying out the explanatory conversations among the people.

Doctors note that the flu can make a negative impact on the health of people with lowered immunity, chronic diseases, pregnant women, children and elderly people. Therefore, medical and preventive measures should be carried out in families. The use of masks in public places, hand washing with soap and water before eating food, personal hygiene, appropriate weather clothing - that's the normal rules that promote the protection of health. General practitioners and nurses of family health centers of the capital organize outreach activities in the communities, educational institutions and homes, and in detail tell the population about the ways of protection from the disease.

The event held in mahalla Katta Hirmontepa of Chilanzar district has been attended by doctors, activists of non-governmental organizations, parents and students. There are four places of garbage collection at the territory of mahalla. The household waste is routinely transported on the "Mahsustrans" lorries. The sanitary state of the located at the grounds of mahalla school and two pre-school educational institutions is controlled by the public.

There is conducted explanatory work among the people on the issues of control over seasonal illnesses. Activities carried out in conjunction with the doctors of polyclinic №35 of Chilanzar district enhance the public awareness on protection against various diseases, such as influenza and other diseases.

- Protection against any disease, especially depends on medical culture of people, - says the Chief Doctor of the family polyclinic №35 of Chilanzar district Saodat Khamidova. - For example, if you teach children to wash their hands, you can reduce by fifty percent the risk of contracting infectious, acute intestinal diseases and disease of oral cavity. Nutrition is an important factor in promoting health and immunity. In the winter season is helpful to consume foods with high content of vitamin C, add to food onions and garlic, which also serves as protection against contracting flu and other diseases.

Ongoing population health outreach activities and work aimed at improving the welfare of the people, contribute to preserving of a stable epidemiological situation in the country and protection of human health.

Bahor Hidirova, UzA

Source: uza.uz