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Healthy and smart children Main

06 февраля 2016

Healthy and smart children

Once Diyasbek started to do sports, his physical and mental state began to change. His mother, Azima-opa, is happy, that her son is growing healthy, there is growing his mental potential.

- My sons Elmurod regularly engaged in boxing and Diyasbek – in wrestling - says Azima-opa. - Sport activities are beneficial to children's health. A Child, who is doing sports, grows physically strong and healthy, independently thinking, purposeful, disciplined. Today in our country there are created all necessary conditions and facilities for the upbringing of our boys and girls fully developed personalities.

Indeed, sport is essential in the formation in girls and boys such positive features as willpower, commitment to goals and victories, and the introduction into their hearts and minds a sense of patriotism and loyalty to the motherland and pride for it. The attention and care of the development of sports, in particular the children sports, provided under the guidance of President of our country, serve to upbringing healthy and harmoniously developed generation.

More than 480 children are regularly engaged in sections on football, boxing, wrestling, judo and gymnastics at the youth sports school №24 of Bektemir district of the capital. Great results are achieved also in attracting girls to sports.

- I admire the guys, in whose eyes I see the courage and the willingness to do sport, - said the director of the school Hasan Duyseboev. - In our time, there were no such a wide opportunities. Today, there are created all the conditions for children on doing their favorite sports. The classes are conducted by qualified instructors.

The school has at the disposal of children football pitch, sports and fitness halls, as well as a medical office, showers and locker rooms. Involving boys and girls in sports, first of all, there is taken into account their age, interest, health and talent.

The work of sports sections is organized on schedule. In the process of trainings health professionals conduct constant monitoring of health of children. Here, boys and girls undergo a medical examination twice a year, there is monitored their physical and mental state. The results of last year's medical examination showed that the stature of children has increased, and the weight returned to normal. The fact that boys and girls who are involved in sports, rarely get sick, grow strong and diligent makes their parents very happy.

About 80 children improve their skills at the wrestling section of the school under the guidance of qualified coaches. Their successful participation at city and republican championships, international tournaments is the result of special attention paid to upbringing of talented young people.

Being present in the classroom, Azim-opa enjoys seeing with what dexterity and perseverance, her son performs all exercises. Training is over and Diyasbek hurry to share his impressions with his mother:

- Our instructor said that if I will just continue to do the exercises, I can soon take part in the competitions - he says with pride. - My goal - to become world champion in future!

Bayram Aytmuradov, UzA

Source: uza.uz