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Healthy family - the basis of a healthy society Main

12 февраля 2016

Healthy family - the basis of a healthy society

"Round table" on the theme "Healthy family - healthy society - a bright future." has been conducted at the polyclinic at Takhtakupyr district medical unification of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

The event, organized by the Karakalpak Council of "Adolat", the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, was attended by activists of the party, deputies Takhtakupyr district Council of deputies elected by the "Adolat" Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, medical staff. It was noted that under the leadership of the President of our country special attention is paid to protect population health, improve the quality and efficiency of health care, strengthening the material-technical base of medical institutions.

An important guideline for action in this direction are the decrees of the head of our state "About additional measures on protection of mother and child health, shaping a healthy generation" as of 13th of April, 2009, as well as "About the Program of measures to further strengthen and improve the effectiveness of the work being performed in order to improve reproductive health of population, delivery of a healthy child, formation of physically and spiritually developed generation for 2009-2013. " as of July 1, 2009.

There are around 600 women of childbearing age, about 10,500 children under the age of 14 in the district. They are provided with medical care at the district medical unification, central polyclinic and 9 rural medical centers.

- In connection with the Year of a healthy mother and child on the basis of the work plan of the district council of the party there are held meetings and talks, implemented a number of measures aimed at promoting of healthy lifestyle among the population, strengthening reproductive health of the population, - said the deputy chairman of Takhtakupyr District Board of "Adolat" SDP Guliston Zarlikova. - Together with specialists there is being provided comprehensive information on the legal bases for protection of maternal and child health.

At the event, the sides exchanged views on raising the level of medical culture of women who are bringing up children at home, on the issue of constant monitoring the delivery of health services to children at schools and preschool educational facilities.

Aminbay Artykbaev, UzA

Source: uza.uz