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Healthy mother and child - a pillar of the country Main

12 февраля 2016

Healthy mother and child - a pillar of the country

At the suggestion of President Islam Karimov the year 2016 in Uzbekistan declared the Year of a healthy mother and child

"Upbringing of a healthy generation - is creation of the foundation of a great state, the foundation of a prosperous life." The deep meaning of these words said by the President Islam Karimov on May 2, 1994 at the ceremony of handing the first state award of independent Uzbekistan - the Order of "For Healthy Generation", identified the main trends in protection of maternal and child health, health promotion, mental, moral and physical education of the growing generation, shaping the sense of patriotism and love of the country.

From the first days of independence in our country, protection of maternal and child health has been identified as one of the strategic directions of the state social policy. Over the years, there have been developed and consistently implemented measures to create favorable conditions for the delivering and upbringing of healthy generation in order to achieve long-term effect - improve the gene pool of the nation, enhance the level of medical culture in families, improve the length and quality of life of population. Declaration under the initiative of President Islam Karimov the year 1998 in our country Year of the Family, 2000 – Year of Healthy Generation, 2001 - the Year of Mother and Child, 2008 - the Year of Youth, 2012 - Year of the Family, 2014 - Year of a healthy child serves as a foundation of all these noble deeds.

Thanks to all of that the concept "Healthy mother - healthy child" has received universal recognition, also abroad. As a result of its consistent implementation over the past five years the maternal mortality per 100 thousand live births dropped from 23.1 to 19 cases, mortality of children under 5 years - from 14.8 to 13.9 and infant mortality - from 11 to 10, 7. According to these indicators, our country has fully achieved the relevant Millennium Development Goals.

This year, declared in Uzbekistan the Year of a healthy mother and child, this great work will not only be continued, but also expanded significantly.

So, on February 9, 2016 the State program "Year of a healthy mother and child" was approved by President Islam Karimov. It defines a set of measures aimed at greater awareness and adoption in the society of the noble idea of ​​"Healthy mother and child - the foundation of a happy family, happy family – is the basis of a prosperous state", the improvement of the family care system, maternity and childhood, the formation of atmosphere special reverence and respect for the mothers in the society, upbringing healthy and harmoniously developed generation, strengthening the cooperation of public authorities and civil society organizations in strengthening the family institution.

Further improvement of legislation and the regulatory framework regarding the protection of the family, motherhood and childhood, to protect the interests of women, increasing their role in the upbringing a healthy baby, strengthen the family as the foundation of a strong, stable and prosperous state are defined as one of the main directions of the "Year of a healthy mother and child" State program.

This year the drafting of the Law "On state youth policy" in the new edition will begin. Planned amendments to the Criminal Code aimed at further liberalization of criminal legislation in relation to women with less than three years old children (regardless of the taking the maternity leave), by including them in the list of persons, in respect of which there are not applied correctional works. It is also planned to adopt the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan envisaging the creation of centers (groups) for day care for disabled children, "Muruvvat" boarding houses, and other public and private educational institutions.

In 2016, there will be continued consistent efforts on creation for people living in remote rural areas, especially for women, the necessary social, household and medical conditions, construction of modern residential houses on standard projects in rural areas, social infrastructure, improvement of drinking water, natural gas supply for rural population, improve quality and variety of services.

For example, there is planned to adopt the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers to approve programs on creation in remote villages of Uzbekistan 194 model complexes of consumer services with obligatory inclusion in their composition beauty salons, couture, services to repair small electrical appliances, shoes, with allocation for this purpose bank loans and providing lands. There is planned to provide for women from low-income families living in remote rural areas of Uzbekistan electrical appliances for free. Also villagers from among the socially vulnerable groups will be provided with sets of adult and children's clothing.

The State program foresees construction of 13,000 individual houses based on standard projects in rural areas of all regions of Uzbekistan, laying 296.3 kilometers of power supply networks and 307.5 ​​kilometers of gas supply networks. There will be continued measures to provide settlements with quality drinking water through the introduction of more than 1.3 thousand kilometers of water supply networks in rural areas, including 300.5 kilometers of water supply networks in the residential areas according to standard designs.

Special attention in 2016 will paid to further strengthening of the material-technical base and human capacities of health facilities, in particular, perinatal and screening centers, improving the efficiency of work of family clinics and rural health units, ensuring the increase of the number of patronage nurses and improve the skills of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Pediatricians.

In this context, of particular importance will be the construction of multi-profile pediatric medical center of 4th level for 280 beds, 250 visits per shift and 1,500 surgeries per year. It will be equipped with the most modern medical equipment. This, in turn, will significantly improve the quality of the qualified high-tech medical care for mothers and children, specialized care for children from birth up to 18 years on cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, urology, nephrology, oncology and other areas of medicine, reduce child mortality and disability.

In order to improve the quality of primary health care in rural areas, rehabilitation services for disabled children with the use of modern medical equipment, reducing rates of childhood disability in our country there is planned reconstruction, refurbishment and equipping of three regional multi-profile pediatric medical centers (in Samarkand, Gulistan, Urgench) and clinics of the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute. Three will the completed reconstruction and equipping of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics, reconstruction, overhaul and equipping of maternity hospitals and 38 district medical associations, overhaul and repair of 11 family health clinics, as well as 244 rural medical centers. In addition, there is planned construction and equipping of medical-diagnostic building of the Republican Children's Rehabilitation Center of the locomotor system diseases, as well as reconstruction and overhaul of pediatric tuberculosis sanatorium in the Khorezm region.

In order to provide comprehensive health care to women based on the principles of improving their quality of life and expansion of the number of health services, there will be prepared the project on creation of 4th level Women's Health Center in Tashkent with equipping it with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic equipment and opening there consultative polyclinic and an operation unit.

It should be noted that this year there will be improved the material and technical base of pediatric and obstetric institutions, including the Republican Perinatal Center, regional perinatal centers and branches of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 13 regional children's multidisciplinary centers, national and urban regional health care facilities, including children's and obstetric department. There will be continued further expansion of the work of the Republican Center for Social Adaptation of Children, within the framework of which in the years 2016-2018 there will be opened additional 11 regional branches of the Centre, formed the Public Foundation to support the social adaptation of children with special needs.

Another priority is implementation of the State program for early detection of congenital and hereditary diseases through prenatal and neonatal screening of pregnant women and newborns, mass early prenatal ultrasound screening of pregnant women at the level of primary health care, equipping 13 screening centers with digital multi-purpose high-end ultrasound systems. All these will help to prevent the birth of children with congenital malformations and inherited diseases, to reduce child mortality and disability.

The State program "Year of a healthy mother and child" strengthens the responsibility of health workers for carrying out a complete pre-marital medical examination of persons entering into marriage, based on reduction of the potential cases of congenital and hereditary diseases, equipping health centers with modern diagnostic equipment, improve the quality of medical services, the implementation of general awareness among the population about the importance of medical examination before marriage to create a strong family and a healthy baby. Also, measures to improve the medical culture of the population will be taken, strengthening the work in the field of sanitation and hygiene, health protection and improvement of the psycho-physiological state of pregnant women, providing appropriate care for young mothers and children, ensuring quality and calorific value of their diet.

In order to further improve the unified scientific and practical policy on healthy eating and nutrition, in accordance with modern international standards there is planned to create a National Educational and Scientific Center of nutrition at the Tashkent Medical Academy.

Broad popularization of physical culture and sport, bringing to regular exercise youth, especially girls in rural areas, construction of new and strengthening of material-technical base of the existing sports facilities, equipping them with modern sports equipment and inventory, staffing of qualified coaches and mentors are set out as important tasks of the State program "Year of a healthy mother and child".

Thus, there is planned construction in addition more than 1.7 thousand sports halls for schools, including 217 sports halls in 2016, with the creation of sports clubs and teams in all schools, and the organization of school leagues for sports, the establishment in each district at least one modern, equipped with the necessary equipment sports schools for children and youth (225 units), including 15 - in 2016. In that there will be put in operation 56 specialized youth sports schools in four sports areas in the regional centers, including 5 schools in the current year, as well as the expansion of the network of swimming pools, with bringing their total number to 290, including through the construction of 11 pools this year.

Field trips to museums, botanical gardens, zoos, parks, culture and recreation for children from homes "Mehribonlik" and children from poor families, trips to pupils homes "Mehribonlik" and gifted to the historical cities under the slogan "We – are the children of independence”, will contribute to the formation in younger generation the sense of love for the country, enriching it’s knowledge of local history

There will be consistently continued the work on the formation of girls - future mothers - physically healthy and intellectually developed, providing mandatory training for them in academic lyceums and professional colleges, mastery of modern knowledge and professions, formation of their solid position in life, and independent thinking as the main conditions of getting a decent place in life, future establishment of a healthy and strong family.

At each college there will be organized training courses on labor law and business organization, established the "Business Clubs" on the basis of individual colleges of cities (districts) in order to develop their students' entrepreneurial skills. With the purpose of wide involvement in women to entrepreneurship and development of family businesses there is planned to hold regional and national competitions, "My business idea" and "Young Entrepreneur – support of the country ", allocation of credits to young families, women entrepreneurs, including college graduates.

An important area will also be the implementation of measures to promote intellectual development, physical health of the younger generation, creation of conditions for manifestation of creative talents and abilities of young people, especially girls. On this basis there is planned to reconstruct and equip youth centers in Bukhara and Urgench, "Kamolot" youth camp and "Kamolot" recreational areas for young families in Tashkent region, "Kamolot" Youth Park in Tashkent.

In the State program "Year of a healthy mother and child" there are defined the tasks for strengthening the role of educational system in shaping a healthy child, further development of the network of preschool educational institutions, on radically increasing the level of preparing children for school with providing high-quality primary education, widespread adoption of advanced teaching and information and communication technologies.

There is planned refurbishment and equipping of 286 pre-school institutions, establishment of playgrounds, improving conditions for the development of non-public preschool facilities. In 2016, there will be carried out construction of 28 new, reconstruction of 234 and overhaul of 105 schools, providing them with new educational furniture, computer classes, study and laboratory equipment. More than 1.6 thousand schools will be equipped with computers, including interactive electronic whiteboards.

There is planned reconstruction and overhaul of 13 academic lyceums and 107 professional colleges, equipping them with the necessary production and other equipment.

A special place in the State program is devoted to employment of graduates of colleges, especially girls, further expansion of work on the allocation of soft loans to youth seeking to establish their own businesses, providing young families mortgage loans for home purchase and construction, consumer loans for the purchase of durable goods.

There is envisaged to implement measures to make quadripartite agreements between graduates of professional colleges of 2015/2016 academic year with the organizations and enterprises, as well as the administrations of educational institutions and administrations of the respective areas on mandatory practical training. Assistance will be provided in the employment of college graduates from among persons with disabilities and youth from low-income families.

The State Program also included the issues on further strengthening cooperation the implementation of programmatic measures between local authorities and citizens' self-government (mahallas), women's and youth organizations, with broad involvement in this work the older generation with respect and authority in the society.

In general, to implementation of the State Program "Year of a healthy mother and child" there will be invested 7 trillion 483.3 billion soums and 194 million dollars in equivalent. Undoubtedly, the continuation of ongoing work and new initiatives will significantly strengthen the formed in our country effective maternal and child health system, to educate harmoniously developed young generation.


Source: uza.uz