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Invalid children and expert examination of labor capacity (VTEK) Main

02 февраля 2016

Invalid children and expert examination of labor capacity (VTEK)

There are endorsed the Rules of examination of disabled children under the age of 16 years by medical-labor expert commission through the Decree of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health (registered by the Ministry of Justice on 01.16.2016, № 2752).

The examination is carried out by district (city), inter-district, specialized medical-labor expert commission based on referral of the district (city) departments of the off-budget Pension Fund stating the purpose of the procedure and attaching the medical assessment report. Without the referral the examination is prohibited.

The procedure is carried out in order to study the validity of the medical report on recognition of the child disabled, issued by the medical advisory committee of district (city) medical facility at the place of residence of the parents (persons replacing them).

The medical report and documents are scrutinized by the commission (VTEK) then there is imposed a collegial decision on the certification of a disabled child or on issuance of advisory opinion in absentia without examination.

At making the decision of VTEK, there is issued certification card indicating the date and time of the procedure which is issued to representatives of a child.

VTEK also gives an advisory opinion on the validity of the medical report issued to the child.

When there are revealed diseases and pathological conditions at a disabled child according the List1 the child is not inspected. In such case the advisory opinion of VTEK on the validity of the medical report is made in absentia.

Examination and formulation of advisory opinion on the medical report is made within seven working days from the date of registration.

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