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Protection of mother and child health and mass media Main

28 марта 2015

Protection of mother and child health and mass media

The seminar devoted to the issue of heavy media coverage of the results of reforms on protection of motherhood and childhood has been held in Nukus.

The event organized by the Public Fund on supporting and development of independent mass media and news agencies of Uzbekistan in the framework of “Raising potential of mass media in elucidating the issues of strengthening the institution of family” has been attended by the personnel of mass media institutions, representatives of nongovernmental non-commercial organizations, specialists of medical sphere.

There have been noted at the event the high effectiveness of the activities on raising the level of medical culture in families, conducting in-depth medical examination and protection of health of mothers and children. There has been exchange on the issue of preparing analytical materials on quality of medical services being provided to mothers and newborns, significance of breastfeeding, the work on improvement of quality of obstetric-gynecological and perinatal care aimed to reduce the morbidity levels amongst mothers and children.

– The critical task is elucidating in mass media the reforms on protection of mother and child health, ensuring stability of families, as well as the ongoing work at schools and pre-school education facilities, the issues of raising the level of knowledge and skills of parents in upbringing children, -says the Head of the press-service of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan Esimkhon Qanaatov. – Special attention in that has to be paid to the issues of raising the level of professional skills of journalists.

In 2014 the coverage of children with preschool education facilities increased for 4.9 per cent in comparison to 2013. It has been contributed by the outreach work amongst parents in the framework of “school-community-preschool education facility” cooperation.

Last year there have been spent more than 1 billion soums for strengthening the material and technical basis of standardized preschool education facilities opened in 9 districts of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. This work is being continued in the current year, there will be performed full renovation of 16 preschool education facilities.

There have been noted the need in wide elucidation of the work on protection of mother and child health and strengthening relationships with partner organizations at the seminar, which was conducted in interactive form.

Source: uza.uz