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New hospital building Main

28 марта 2015

New hospital building

The new and the reconstructed buildings of regional oncology dispensary are put into commission in Qarshi city.

There has been noted at the opening ceremony of this medical facility, that special attention is being paid in our country to improvement of quality and effectiveness of medical services, providing medical facilities with modern equipment and qualified specialists.

More than 5 billion soums worth reconstruction works have been performed at 120-beds dispensary. There are functioning pediatric, gynecology and resuscitation units in the new building, and neck-head, surgery and diagnostic units - at the reconstructed one.

– There are special treatment standards for oncological diseases in the world medicine, - says the Chief Doctor of Qashqadaryo region Oncology Dispensary Turaqul Kholiqov. – Our physicians are working in line with these standards. Previously people with oncological diseases had to go for treatment to Tashkent, and even abroad. Now there is no need in that. We have opportunities to perform in the region the complex surgical interventions, which previously have been performed only in the capital and in developed countries.

In the recent years there is paid significant attention to provision of regional medical facilities with modern medical equipment. Last year there have been performed construction works for the amount of 15 billion and 700 million soums for this purpose. There is performed full renovation of the regional multi-profile pediatric medical center, regional Tuberculosis Dispensary in Qarshi city, medical unifications of Qarshi, Mirishkor, Guzar and Yakkabog districts.

The Mayor of Qashqadaryo region Z.Rouziyev made a speech at the event.

Source: uza.uz