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Researchers found relationship between breastfeeding and IQ of a child Main

20 марта 2015

Researchers found relationship between breastfeeding and IQ of a child

Moscow. March 18. INTERFAX.RU – The research has shown, that people, who has been breastfed in childhood at least for 12 months has much higher HQ and earn in average more, that those, who has been fed from bottle, informs The Telegraph with the link to The Lancet Global Health.

In the course of the research there has been traced the life of 3.5 thousands British babies over the period of 30 years. Those breastfed, regardless of social status and origin studied in average 9 months longer and then have earned 20% more than average in Great Britain, i.e. have been receiving monthly raise of 440 pounds ($645). In 40 years career this amount grows approximately to 200 thousand pounds.

Even short-term breastfeeding appeared to be useful. 3-6 months of breastfeeding add 2 points to the child’s IG in comparison with those, whose parents switched to feeding from bottle after the 1st month.

The scientists think that breast milk is very important for brain development, because it contains complex saturated fatty acids.

However the results of this research can increase the pressure to young mothers, who experience difficulties in breastfeeding, experts note.

"Breast – is good for a child, but not always good for mother”, - said the Editor of Netmums - the biggest British site about child-rearing – Rachel Barrows.

According to Netmums, two thirds of mothers think, that society doesn’t provide enough support to breastfeeding mothers, and 48% - that they personally didn’t receive the proper support in order to continue breastfeeding. That is why 81% of young mothers start to breastfeed their children, and only a third continues to do so over the period of recommended 6 months.

From the other side, the scientists estimated, that increasing two times the number of women, who breastfeed over the period of 7-18 months would help the National Healthcare system of the Great Britain to save about 50 million pounds every year due to reduction of the number of diseases in children and reduction of the risk of breast cancer in mothers.

Source: interfax.ru