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Information services: critical tasks Main

13 марта 2015

Information services: critical tasks

The Non-governmental foundation for support and development of independent print media and information agencies of Uzbekistan conducted in the capital the seminar-training “Ensuring openness of the ongoing reforms in the country: priority issues of improvement of the potential of information services of national regulatory and administrative authorities and non-governmental organizations”.

The event, organized with the purpose of strengthening the potential of information services of national regulatory and administrative authorities, civil society institutions, raising the professional level of their staff through studying the effective methods of work, ensuring open dialogue with citizens, strengthening cooperation with mass-media, has been attended by the managers of information services of regulatory and administrative authorities, non-governmental organizations of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regions, representatives of print and electronic mass-media.

As a result of the work being performed in our country on implementation of modern telecommunication technologies the speed of using international information networks increased for 62 per cent in comparison to the beginning of 2014. It allows implementing the most modern technologies of on-line transmission of information at all territories of the country. Currently there are functioning 350 internet mass-media organizations in the country. The websites of government bodies serve as the main source of information.

Ensuring openness of work of regulatory and administrative authorities, quick and efficient informing of public at large about the political, economic and social reforms depends to large extent on professionalism of information services. In the course of the seminar there have been conducted practical trainings on the issues of modern information-communication technologies, forming “e-government”, perspectives of development of the unified portal of interactive public services. The participants of the event and experts exchanged opinions on topical questions in the sphere of information services.

Source: www.uza.uz