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Deputies considered the report of the Chamber of Accounts Main

13 марта 2015

Deputies considered the report of the Chamber of Accounts

Plenary meeting of Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan took place on March, 11.

After endorsement of the agenda, proposed by the Kengash (Council) of the Legislative Chamber, deputies considered the report of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2014, which has been presented by the Deputy Chairmen of the Chamber of Accounts K.Akmalov.

In the framework of authorities of the parliament, entrusted by the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan the Legislative Chamber considers the report about activities of Chamber of Accounts on annual basis. As it has been reported earlier, preliminarily the report of the Chamber of Accounts for 2014 has been comprehensively considered at the meetings of the core committee, fractions of political parties and deputy group of the Ecological movement of Uzbekistan at the Lower Chamber of the Parliament. In the course of discussions the deputies developed number of proposals, aimed to strengthening of cooperation between the Parliament and Chamber of Accounts in the spheres of strengthening Parliamentary control and improvement of lawmaking activity, as well as active involvement of representatives of civil society in the country to controlling activities.

In the course of listening to the report there have been noted, that the work of the Chamber of Accounts has been arranged on the basis of priority tasks, identified by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov at the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, devoted to the totals of socio-economical development of the country in 2013 and the most important directions of economic program for 2014.

There is underlined in the report about the activities of the Chamber of Accounts in 2014, that special accent in its work in line with the Budgetary code, has been made at effective implementation of the State budget, purposeful use of financial resources, studying the implementation of programs on state and regional development, aimed to ensure dynamic development of all spheres of economy. At the same time there has been performed expertise of the main directions of taxation and budgetary policy and the draft State Budget for 2015. In pursuance of the Law “About financing political parties” there is checked the fullness of shaping the incomes of political parties and their purposeful use.

Using the example of facilities financed from budget, there is checked execution of the State budget at republican and local levels, legal, purposeful and efficient spending of public money. There is performed analysis of rightness of shaping the state budget revenues by regions and branches, clause-by-clause and total execution of the budget, there is provided evaluation of feasibility of forecast indicators by the main budget income articles.

The Chamber of Accounts also has been performing regular control over the fullness of shaping state designated funds, their purposeful, rational and effective use, visiting the regions there were studied the results of measures taken in order to increase the income basis of local budgets, optimization of expenses and reduction of dotation levels.

At the plenary session of the Lower Chamber of the Parliament after hearing the report of the Chamber of Accounts for the last year thorough discussion of it took place. Representatives of all fractions of political parties and deputy’s groups from Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan made statements in the course of the discussion.

Members of the fraction of Movement of entrepreneurs and businessmen – Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, noted, that the Chamber of Accounts performed during the reporting period control-revision work in 149 organizations by 33 directions. In the course of this work there was thoroughly studied the effective use of incomes and expenditures of the State budget, state programs, realization of investment programs, the course of modernization and renewal of production.

The members of UzLiDeP fraction believe in order to prevent financial improprieties there is needed strengthening of cooperation between parliament and the Chamber of Accounts in the issues of strengthening controlling authorities of the parliament, further improvement of legislative basis in this sphere.

The speakers from the fraction of Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Milliy tiklanish” (“National revival”) underlined, that there is needed further improvement of inter-budget relations, increasing the level of income of local budgets on the basis of rational use of industrial and resource potential of territories and strengthening economy of regions. As it has been mentioned by deputies, the comprehensive study of the shortcomings, facts of breaking the budgetary discipline seems to be of high importance. In that context, there is necessary to strengthen the parliamentary supervision through setting up regular hearing of the reports of heads of the relevant ministries, agencies and local mayors’ houses about the measures taken on elimination of the revealed shortcomings, identification of causes of their occurrence.

Representatives of People-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan took notice of the point, that the Chamber of Accounts in the reporting period performed analysis of security of State budget expenditures, justification of reimbursement of costs on dedicated complex programs for development of social sphere. The Chamber of Accounts has paid special attention to the issues of efficiency of the system on addressed social protection of low-income layers of population, as well as improvement of the system of material aid and payment of social security benefits to low-income families. Particularly, there are noted shortcomings in using the State Fund on employment promotion, revealed problems, related to nonobjective approach at awarding security benefits to families which need social protection.

To that end representatives of the fraction proposed to the Chamber of Accounts to pay special attention to the need of prevention of financial offenses while performing the control activities.

According to the members of the fraction of “Adolat” Social-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, the Chamber of Accounts has to strengthen control over the financial status of business entities of agricultural sector and to make proposal on improvement of legislation, based on its outcomes. It has been underlined, that it is important to develop proposals on further increasing the purchasing power of population through performing deep analysis and evaluation of the measures being taken. Besides, there is necessary to take stricter measures on revealing, restraint and prevention of violations in the sphere of execution of State budget.

Representatives of the group of Ecological movement of Uzbekistan analyzed the activities of the Chamber of Accounts on revealing the cases of financial violations in the sphere of environment protection and rational use of natural resources, their causes and taking measures on their elimination. It has been underlined the importance of continuation of the activities on elimination of causes of violations of law, strengthening control activities, improvement of legislation in this sphere.

Taking into account the opinions, expressed in the course of the discussion, the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (Parliament) endorsed the report of the Chamber of Accounts of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2014 and adopted the relevant resolution.

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