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Strong country is the one with healthy children Main

03 марта 2015

Strong country is the one with healthy children

4th of March – the Day of institution of “Sog’lom Avlod Uchun” (“For Healthy Generation”) decoration

Child – is the joy of family, the purpose of human life. Child’s health – is our calmness and happiness. From ancient times our people pay significant attention to delivering and bringing up a healthy child. Shaping in children kindness and attention to people around, respect to elder people, care of younger children, sense of patriotism, in general, physically and spiritually developed generation makes the basis of our eternal values.

Exactly this noble target is reflected in the name of the first decoration of independent Uzbekistan – “Sog’lom Avlod Uchun” (“For Healthy Generation”), instituted by the Decree of the Head of our state as of March 4, 1993.

In the process of reforms being performed in our country special attention is being paid to preserving and improvement of genofond of the nation, increasing the life expectancy and living standards of population, delivery and upbringing healthy children. The modern schools, academic lyceums, professional colleges, centers of creativity for children, sport complexes, medical facilities play important role in shaping healthy and harmoniously developed generation.

Physical culture and sports are extremely important in upbringing generation with high spirituality, strong creative-intellectual potential. There are created all the necessary conditions in our country for children sports and the work in this direction is being sequentially continued.

The logic and thought out measures being taken in Uzbekistan on strengthening health of young generation, strong social support of family, protection of motherhood and childhood are being recognized also at international arena. Every year our young compatriots protect with dignity the honor of our Motherland at international tournaments, championships and competitions, subject Olympiads, which is the result of realization of highly effective reforms for the sake of upbringing healthy and harmoniously developed individuals.

The “Sog’lom Avlod Uchun” decoration – is the sign of high level recognition of selfless labor of people, making huge contribution to this noble work.

The “Sog’lom Avlod Uchun” decorations (of two levels) are awarded to our compatriots, who have special services in the business of protection of motherhood and childhood, environment, upbringing healthy generation. It can be awarded also to citizens of other states.

The deep meaning is put into symbolic of the decoration. Against the background of sun rays at the right side of the decoration there is depicted mother, holding child in her hands. Loving mother – the symbol of our Motherland – looks with tenderly to the child, the innocent baby, which is the personification of noble intentions, is rushed to light – the symbol of creation.

The decoration’s bar is encircled with green (color of youth and renewal) ribbon. There is depicted blossoming branch of apricot at the center of it, symbolizing spring, awakening of nature and consciousness.

In the period passed number of our compatriots, selflessly working with the aim of upbringing healthy generation, who achieved major successes in the sphere of healthcare, education, sports have been awarded this high prize.

The “Sog’lom Avlod Uchun” decoration will always inspire our compatriots for education of youth – decisive power of our future. Because rearing children in the country, where prevail peace and quietness, bring them up as persons, useful for society, seeing their happiness – is a noble dream of each of our compatriot.

Source: www.uza.uz