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The contest will reveal the best teachers Main

07 марта 2015

The contest will reveal the best teachers

In order to stimulate highly qualified pedagogical personnel, raising the prestige of their work in line with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers as of 24.02.2015 № 32 there will be conducted annual republican competition “The best pedagogue of the higher education facility”. It will consist of two stages: intra-university (in each higher education facility) and republican one.

The Decree endorsed the Statute about the competition “The best pedagogue of higher education facility”, identifying the order of its conducting.

The competition will be conducted by the spheres of education by the following nominations:

а) “The best pedagogue in his/her specialty”, in framework of which there will be considered the works in the sphere of education methodologies on the specified subject (course);

б) “The best pedagogue-researcher”. In this nomination there will be evaluated achievements of pedagogue in the sphere of implementation of the results of his research works into educational process;

в) “The best pedagogue in using innovation and information technologies”. The contestants will submit their works in the sphere of effective use of modern pedagogical and information-communication technologies in educational process.

Intra-university stage will be conducted in the educational facility on annual basis from the 1st of April until 30th of May. The decision about the winner of the competition is taken by the Competition Committee, and its composition is endorsed by the order of rector (director) of educational facility. The commission has to be compiled from among the administrative-managerial personnel, pedagogues and representatives of trade union.

In the period from 25th of April to 15th of May the participant of the competition has to conduct open lesson at the academic group in presence of representative(s) of Competition Commission. Based on the results of the lesson there will be put appropriate quality assessment of conducting the training. The participant has the right to choose the type, shape, topic of the open lesson, as well as the group of students, on the basis of the direction of their education and the prepared topic. The participant cannot be the member of Competition Commission.

The participants, who gained 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the relevant nominations are awarded with honorary diploma of the higher education facility and material remuneration in the size of 1, 0.75 and 0.5 coefficient of their standard salary rate.

The material remuneration is provided for the account of extra-budgetary means of higher education facilities on the basis of the order of rector (director).

Republican stage starts on the 1st of June. During 20 working days the higher education facilities provide to the organizational committee the application with candidacies for participation at the republican stage from amongst the winners, who gain the 1st places in intra-university stage of the competition.

The program of the competition includes presentation of the competition work of participants, where they can disclose their pedagogical mastery, professionalism, creative abilities and and interests.

Presentation will be conducted from 2nd to 20th of September.

The winners of the republican stage, who are atop in the nominations on each sphere of education, are awarded honorary diplomas, and they are paid material remuneration in the volume of 5-fold size of participants’ post salary.

The payment of the material remuneration is performed at the expense of the Development Fund of higher education facilities. The awarding of winners is performed in the first decade of October.

The winders of republican stage, who have won 1st places, have the right for three years to submit their documents to the Higher Certification Commission at the Cabinet of Ministers for receiving the post of Professor (or Docent) without going through one year term in the position of acting in the appropriate post.

The Honorary Diploma of the winner of the republican phase is equal to fulfillment of requirements on publishing manuals, tutorials, availability of publications of scientific papers, being submitted to the Higher Attestation Commission at the Cabinet of Ministers for awarding the scientific titles in the established order.

One can get acquainted with the full text of this document, comments and references to other appropriate legislative acts at the “Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan” information-retrieval system.

Source: norma.uz