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SYMPOSIUM WITH FOREIGH PARTICIPATION «Modern methods of instrumental diagnostics» Main

26 сентября 2012

SYMPOSIUM WITH FOREIGH PARTICIPATION «Modern methods of instrumental diagnostics»

FSBI «RUSSIAN SURGERY RESEARCH CENTER named after acad. B.V.Petrovskiy» Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Faculty of Postgraduate Professional Education of Physicians (FPPEP) 1 Moscow State Medical University (MSMU) named after I.M.Setchenov


FBSI “RSRC named after acad. B.V.Petrovskiy” Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
and Chair of functional and ultrasound diagnostics of FPPEP MSMU named after I.M.Setchenov invite to take part at the work of

SYMPOSIUM with international participation
«Modern methods of instrumental diagnostics»
26 - 27 September 2012

Symposiums priority directions:
- instrumental diagnostics of abdominal cavity disorders
- instrumental diagnostics of portal hypertension
- instrumental diagnostics in tranplantology (liver, kidney, pancreas etc.)
- instrumental diagnostics of diseases of cardiovascular system
- instrumental diagnostics of diseases of superficial organs
- new directions of instrumental diagnostics.

The research works are accepted by the 1st April 2012 г.
Theses in Russian have to be sent with file attachment to the following email address: f.diag@mail.ru.

In the theme of the e-mail there should be indicated “RSRC RAMS Congress and surname of the first author».
The receipt about payment and registration forms (see below) of all co-authors are to be attached to the theses.

Registration fee for 1 theses - 300 Roubles.

Requirements to publication materials:
Volume of text: up to 5 pages А4 format, with 2 cm margins on all sides, font size 12 pt, line spacing 1.5, script – Times New Roman, color – black. There may be attached 2 pictures and 2 tables.
Text structure
• Name of article (script semi bold, capital letters)
• Names of authors with upper indexes, if they are working in different institutions (regular font). Surname and first name of the speaker should be underlined.
• Name of organization, city (lowercase letters).
• Lines containing surnames of authors, name of organization and title of theses have to be aligned center.
• After the name of the thesis, names of authors and name of organization, city there should be an interval.
• Text of theses have to be justified.

During the symposium there is planned to have exhibition of leading national and foreign firms.

Address of conducting the conference:
119991, Moscow, Abrikosovskiy lane, bld.2, FSBI RNCS named after acad. B.V.Petrovskiy of RAMS,
Conference hall of cardiac surgery corpus (3rd floor).
Metro station «Sportivnaya», exit to the “10 years of October” street, then by foot or fixed run taxi to the bus stop “Abrikosovskiy lane”
Contact telephones on all related issues:
8 (499)248-12-55 Kamalov Yulij Rafaelievich
8(499)248-16-00 Fisenko Elena Poliektovna, Platova Elena Nikolaevna,
Participants from other towns will be provided by hotel for cash.
Hotel information can be obtained from Klimenko Vasiliy Sergeyevich, phone: 8(499)248-15-46.