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“Radiotherapy in oncology” Main

12 апреля 2013

“Radiotherapy in oncology”

To take into account, that in the period between 10-12 April 2013 the 18th Tashkent International Health Exhibition: “Health – TIHE 2013” being organized by ITE Exhibition Company (Great Britain) under support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and The Society of Radiologists of Uzbekistan will take place in Tashkent city.

In the framework of the forthcoming exhibition on 11-12 April 2013 (Tashkent, “UzExpoCenter”) there is foreseen conducting specialized seminar on new medical technologies – “Radiotherapy in oncology”.

With the purpose of arranging effective educational process for healthcare specialists, working in different regions of the country:

  1. To send oncoradiologists and medical physicists according to the attachment #1 to Tashkent for participation in the seminar “Radiotherapy in oncology”.
  2. The Minister of Health of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Head of Main Department of Health of Tashkent city, Heads of regional Health Departments, rectors of TMA, TashPMI, TIAME:
    - to ensure sending specialists to the seminar and payment of travel expenses to participants from another town.
  3. To recommend S. Navruzov – Director of RORS, D.Sareddinov – Head Radiologist, H.I.Islamov – Head Oncologist – in the capacity of seminar moderators.
  4. To recommend to the Society of Radiologists of Uzbekistan providing methodological and organizational support on shaping the seminar programs, inviting lectors and selecting the presented lectures.
  5. The control over execution of the current Direction to be placed on Deputy Minister M.Hodjibekov.
First Deputy MinisterA.Hudayarov
Attachment №1
To the order of the Ministry of Health
of the Republic of Uzbekistan
As of «___» April 2013г. №__________

The list of organizations invited to participate the “Radiotherapy in oncology” seminar

Name of organizationNumber of participants
1 Ministry of Health, Head Oncologist1
2 Ministry of Health, Head Radiologist1
3 Republican Oncology Research Center (RORC)7 ( including director and chief doctor)
4 Tashkent city Oncology dispensary 4 (including chief doctor)
5 Tashkent region Oncology dispensary 4 (including chief doctor)
6 Navoi region Oncology dispensary 2
7 Andijan region Oncology dispensary 2
8 Bukhara region Oncology dispensary 2
9 Jizak region Oncology dispensary 2
10 Kashkadarya region Oncology dispensary 2
11 Namangan region Oncology dispensary 2
12 Samarkand region Oncology dispensary 2
13 Surkhandarya region Oncology dispensary 2
14 Syrdarya region Oncology dispensary 2
15 Ferghana region Oncology dispensary 2
16 Khorezm region Oncology dispensary 2
17 Karakalpakstan Republican Oncology dispensary 2
18 ТМА, Chair of Oncology and Radiology4
19 TashPMI, Chair of Roentgenology and oncology2
20 ТIAME, Chair of Radiology2
Total number of invited49
Head of Main Department of Science
and Educational Facilities
Sh. Atakhanov

Adoption date:  03.04.2013
Document number:  485
Type of document:  Order of the Ministry of Health