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Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute Main

06 июня 2012

Соғлиқни сақлашни бошқариш ҳудудий органи тўғрисидаги Низом билан тасдиқланган

Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute, which was set up on 16 July 1937, is the only higher education facility in the Central Asia, profiled for education, preparation, retraining and postgraduate education of pharmaceutical staff.

Institute Faculties

· Pharmaceutical

· Industrial Pharmacy

· Professional Education

· Clinical Pharmacy

· Biotechnology

· Cosmo-ceutics

· Postgraduate education of pharmaceutists

Magistracy Directions:

· Management

· Technology of immune-biological and microbiological drugs

· Pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacognosy

· Industrial technology of medicines

Faculty of the institute for today consists of:

-29 professors, Doctors of Sciences, out of them – 2 are meritorious scientists of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

-99 Ph.D. and Docents

For the last 20 years there are implemented to the industry more than 20 original medicines, there are performed works on competitive grants for the amount of 406,8 mio UZS.

Acquisition of independence by the Republic of Uzbekistan opened the new horizons in the development of the Institute. The material-technique basis of the institute has improved. Now already more than 15 years as there is being issued Pharmaceutical Magazine, dealing with issues of pharmaceutical science and practice in the republic.

Since 1993 at the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute there is successfully functioning the Specialized Council D.087.12.01 on defense of dissertations; it is created on the basis of order of Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and prepares specialists in 2 directions:

1. Technology of medicines and organization of pharmaceutical business (15.00.01).

2. Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy (15.00.02).

(There are prepared 94 PhD and 18 Doctors of Science).

In 2002 there is organized the Scientific Center of Standardization of Medicines, where young qualified specialists perform task-oriented research on creation and standardization of new medicines and additives, development of technological normative documents, provide effective scientific-methodological support to students, researchers, senior staff scientists and applicants.

The Scientific Center has modern laboratory equipment and works with various national and foreign drug producers and designers in the area of pharmaco-toxicological research and standardization of new drugs.

The Institute has strong connections and works in the area of postgraduate education of research and educational personnel, scientific exchange and research on actual problems of pharmaceutical science:

-The First State Medical University named after I.M.Setchenov (Russia)

-Ukrainian National Pharmaceutical University (Ukraine)

-Russian Chemical-Technological University named after D.I.Mendeleev (Russia)

-Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D.Asfendiyarov (Kazakhstan)

-Kyrgyz State Medical Academy named after I.K.Akhunbayev (Kyrgyzstan)

-Medial Academy, Pharmaceutical Faculty (Poland, Lublin)

-“HerbionPakistan (Pvt) Limited” (Pakistan, Karachi)

Name of organization:  Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute
City/District:  Tashkent city
Address:  45 Oybek street
Postal code:  100015
Telephone:  +998 (71) 256-37-38
Fax:  +998 (71) 256-45-04
E-mail:  pharmi@bcc.com.uz
Website:  www.pharmi.uz