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Samarkand State Medical Institute Main

06 июня 2012

Соғлиқни сақлашни бошқариш ҳудудий органи тўғрисидаги Низом билан тасдиқланган

Rector: Shamsiev Azamat Mukhiddinovich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor
Main directions of work: education, education-methodological, research, scientific-productive, treatment-consultative
Faculties: Curative, Pediatric, Higher Education Nursing.
Year of foundation: 1930
Workforce: faculty staff -337, out of them Doctors of Medical Sciences – 54, PhD - 181.
Number of students: 2163

Samarkand State Medical Institute is one of the oldest Higher Medical Education Facilities of Central Asia and forge of higher qualification staff. The Institute is founded on 7 May, 1930 and was called “Uzbek State Medical Institute”. The year has been started with only 160 students on the only Curative faculty.

For today there are 5 faculties in the institute: curative, pediatric, medical pedagogic, higher education nursing, postgraduate medical education. There are 45 chairs working at the institute, where are working academicians, professors, docents, assistants, who pass their knowledge and experience to youth.

Scientific potential of the Institute is quite solid and multifaceted. For today the institute can be proud with the scientific schools of pediatric surgery and gynecology, morphology and therapy, pediatric school.

At the moment there are 2712 students getting education in the Institute. The talented and curious youth have opportunities to continue education in masters courses on 13 directions: obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, pediatric communicable diseases, therapy, pediatric surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation, otorhinolaryngology, neurology, oncology, phthisiology, morphology, traumatology and orthopedics. Here are more than 160 postgraduates. Besides in doctoral candidacy and postgraduate education of the institute there are studying doctoral candidates (on 6 different specialties) and postgraduates (more than 20 directions).

The scientific potential of the Institute is represented by 576 staff of faculty, 4 out of them are members of New-York Academy, 4 of them are “Honored Scientists”, 3 – honored health care workers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 67 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 201 PhD (including 120 docents).

For 75 years of its work the Institute prepared more than 30’000 physicians. During the last 4 years there are educated 1149 GPs. On the Faculty of postgraduate education there are trained 1500 health workers every year.

The clinical base of the Samarkand Medical Institute is the Clinic for 415 beds. Every year health care services on 30 different specialties on the highest level are provided to more than 15000 in-patients and 40000 out-patients.

The clinic departments are equipped with the necessary modern medical equipment, there are ultrasound diagnostic devices, ECG, Echocardiography, Echoencephalography, Endoscopy, gamma scanners, laser therapy equipment, operating microscope, video-endoscopic devices, incubators, anesthesia apparatus etc.

Besides another clinical base for students is Research Center of Pediatric Surgery (director prof. A.M.Shamsiev).

At the moment the Institute is led by prominent scientist, who became famous with its pediatric surgery school not only in Central Asia, but abroad, professor A.M.Shamsiev. He is the initiator of creation of peculiar Research Center of Pediatric Surgery, which is unique in our republic. For his serious contribution to the issue of saving lives and health of children professor A.M.Shamsiev is awarded the order “For Healthy Generation”. He published 460 articles, 10 monographs, 2 textbooks on pediatric surgery, 2 collections of lectures on pediatric surgery. He is author of 38 inventions and 42 rationalization proposals. For his big contribution to development of pediatric surgery A.M.Shamsiev is selected member of New-York Academy os Sciences (1996), Russian Pediatric Surgeons Association (1999), European Pediatric Surgens Association (2004).

There is functional scientific medical library in the Institute. The library stock makes 275.685 books. Regularly the library gets scientific publications, including foreign ones. There are used e-textbooks for increasing quality of education process. The scientific medical library is equipped with modern techniques; there are computers, connected to internet. The library resources include texts of lectures, e-textbooks, e-magazines, multimedia, CDs etc. The modern information and innovation technologies are being implemented into educational process. There is performed on the high level research work, preparation of research and educational personnel in doctoral candidacy, postgraduate education and residency. 6 research programs are being performed at the Institute, and one of them is fundamental. Institute staff is actively participating in implementation of projects in the framework of grants from Center of Science and Technologies and fundamental research of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. There is also close collaboration with foreign partners. Receiving grants for total amount of 95.5 thousands UDS and 12 thousands Euro for the last 5 years is the evidence of it.
The institute staff during the last 5 years published 2441 scientific articles, 9 monographs, 5 textbooks, 49 tutorials, 274 training-methodological recommendations, 11 collection papers, thee are defended 8 doctoral and 51 PhD dissertations, received 19 patents for inventions. The concluding scientific conferences of students and young scientists are conducted on annual basis. There is functioning Central Research Laboratory in the Institute, multi-profile research laboratory at the Research Center of Pediatric Surgery, the immune-ferment laboratory at the chair of biochemistry is working on the basis of International Grant.

In line with the research, educational, scientific activities the big attention is paid to very important area – spiritual-educational. This work in the Institute is performed in line with the spirit of ideology of national independence. Each chair has a corner of spirituality and education, which are represented by visual aids, the necessary literature and elements of national symbols. Here are discussed the current issues and events, related to ethical problematique. A lot of work is being done at the hostel of the institute. Regular visits, discussions, disputes, literature readings, discussion of new novel, just talking about life makes the student and teacher close to each other.

The geography of international relations of the Institute is quite wide and diverse. The Institute scientists are successfully working with many international and educational organizations of USA, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Holland, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Here one can note the successful cooperation with Japanese Neurosurgery Center of Fudji University, Dutch hospital Santa Clara, Centre of Microbiology USA, Russian Medical University named after N.I.Pirogov, Moscow Medical Academy named after I.M.Setchenov.

For the last 5 years more than 50 teachers of the Institute have been sent to Universities and Research Centers of foreign countries for scientific study course and exchange of experience.

Graduates of our Institute are successfully working both in Uzbekistan and abroad – in USA, Israel, Germany, and Russia. At the moment Samarkand Medical Institute is a cohesive team of professors and tutors, who, on the basis of modern techniques and new technologies of training, can ensure high quality training of specialists with higher medical education.

Name of organization:  Samarkand State Medical Institute
City/District:  Samarkand city
Address:  18 Amir Temur Street
Postal code:  140100
Telephone:  +998 (66) 233-07-66 / +998 (66) 233-78-84
Fax:  +998 (66) 231-43-22
E-mail:  sami_info@edu.uz