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Republican Specialized Cardiology Center Main

06 июня 2012

Соғлиқни сақлашни бошқариш ҳудудий органи тўғрисидаги Низом билан тасдиқланган Republican Specialized Cardiology Center

The Center is created under the Decree of the President of Uzbekistan №УП-3214 as of 26 February 2003 and Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers №140 as of 17 March 2003.

Main goal for creation of the Center – provision of highly qualified cardiological care to population of Uzbekistan on the level of world standards

Main goals:

a) implementation of modern methods of diagnostics and provision of highly qualified specialized medical care to patients with diseases of cardiovascular system;

b) ensuring constant renewal and modernization of the available set of medical equipment and techniques, provision to the Center the modern medical equipment which allows to provide specialized highly qualified medical care on the level of world achievements;

c) performing research aimed to development and implementation of own progressive methods and technologies of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of patients with main cardiovascular diseases (ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction, heart arythmias, arterial hypertension);

c) active participation in development and realization of republican target programs on prevention of arterial hypertension, ischemic heart disease and risk factors for their development (smoking, hypodynamia, excess consumption of alcohol, excess weight etc.);

d) expansion and strengthening of international cooperation with the leading cardiological foreign medical institutions and centers, continuous growth and improvement of professional level of medical personnel of the Center.

Workforce potential of the Center: Doctors of Medical Sciences – 12, PhD – 36

The team of RSCC – «Fusion of youth and experience…»

New generation – confident look to future

At the Specialized Council D.087.21.01 at the RSCC by the code 14.00.06 – Cardiology there are defended 25 Doctoral dissertations, including 11 RSCC staff, 154 PhD dissertations, including 68 – RSCC staff.

There are created specialized departments within the RSCC by the main directions of cardiology: emergency cardiology, Coronary Heart Disease, Arterial Hypertension, Cardiocerebral diseases, Heart Arythmias, Rehabilitation, Non-coronar diseases of myocardium and Chronic Heart Failure, Electrophysiological examination of heart and surgical treatment of arythmias, Roentgen-endovascular surgery etc.

Name of organization:  Republican Specialized Cardiology Center
City/District:  Tashkent city
Address:  4 Murtazaev street, Mirzo-Ulugbek district.
Postal code:  100000
Telephone:  +998 (71) 236-08-16
Fax:  +998 (71) 234-16-97
E-mail:  info@cardiocenter.uz
Website:  www.cardiocenter.uz