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Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Therapy and Rehabilitation Main

06 июня 2012

Соғлиқни сақлашни бошқариш ҳудудий органи тўғрисидаги Низом билан тасдиқланган Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Therapy and Rehabilitation

The Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Therapy and Rehabilitation (RSSPMCT&R) is created on the basis of Scientific-Research Institute of Therapy and Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the basis of Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan as of 19th of September 2007 № UP-3923 «About main directions of further deepening of reforms and realization of State Program on healthcare development » and Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan as of 21st of May 2009 №145 «On the issues of organization of activities of the republican specialized scientific-practical medical centers». The RSSPMCT&R arranged on the basis of Research Institute of Therapy and Rehabilitation and Research Center of Gastroenterology is the oldest medical institution of the country with more than 90 years history, and today it is successfully working on implementation of advanced medical technologies to everyday practice and performs research work on various modern directions of therapy and rehabilitation.

One of the priority tasks of the Center is provision of highly qualified specialized high technology medical care and rehabilitation to adults and children on the level of advanced world achievements.

Also it includes performing research aimed on development and implementation into medical practice own progressive methods and technologies of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of internal diseases.

Currently there are working 4 professors, 7 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 17 PhD, 15 senior researchers, 32 residents. In total 52 researchers are working on grants.

The Center is actively participating in development and realization of republican target programs in the area of therapy and rehabilitation.

There are working 4 scientific departments in the center: diseases of cardiovascular system, diseases of respiratory system, diseases of digestive system, and diseases of locomotive system.

Clinical units are represented by the in-patient unit for adults for 240 beds, and include admission unit, rheumatology, cardiology with intensive care unit, cardio-rehabilitation, cardio-cerebral disorders, gastroenterology, hepatobiliary disorders, pulmonology with clinical allergology, physiotherapy, balneology and mud treatment.

The patients are examined using modern methodologies, like ECG with veloergometric test, stress echocardiography and stress Doppler echocardiography with pharmacological tests, Holter monitoring, rheoencephalography, echoencephalography, rheo-vasography of upper and lower extremities, spirography, echocardiography and ultrasound diagnostics, ultrasound densitometry.

In 2007 there is opened intensive care block at the cardiologic unit, which is fit out with all the necessary modern equipment.

There are developed: method of influence with impulse light on rehabilitation stage of patients with Chronic Obstructive Lung Diseases (COLD) using the phototherapeutic device “SLU-2”, method of acupuncture hirudotherapy in complex treatment of patients with COLD and Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD), new methodology of evaluation of morphofunctional characteristic of thrombocytes for forecasting of microthrombogenesis.

There are implemented also methods of plasmapheresis with modifications of blood corpuscles, vaccination of allergologic patients with autologous serum.

In the sphere of allergology and pulmonology the diagnostics of diseases is performed with identification of humoral immunity, content of total IgE (method of immunoblotting Allergy Screen).

There is established first time, that using of infra-red radiators and electrophoresis of glycirrhizic acid contributes to conservative stimulation of gastric mucosa’s protection factors in patients with ulcers. The suggested treatment methods do not have analogs, easily tolerable, do not have side effects, and their use decreases the intake of medicines and shortens treatment terms.

On the basis of individually developed scheme there are performed complex rehabilitation activities for patients with ischemic heart disease after myocardial infarction and surgeries on heart and coronary vessels (coronary artery bypass grafting, stenting and angioplasty) for quality and full-fledged recovery of patients’ working capacity.

In total for the last 20 years the Center staff participated in 130 international conferences is NIS and foreign countries, there were defended 9 doctoral and 44 PhD dissertations.

There are published more than 1100 research works, 10 out of them are monographs, 15 – information letters, 67 – methodological manuals, 44 – patents and software. In the last 10 years there are conducted 8 big conferences and congresses with participation of foreign countries, where the actual issues of internal diseases were highlighted. There is established close collaboration with leading scientists from foreign countries.

Name of organization:  Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Therapy and Rehabilitation
City/District:  Tashkent city
Address:  4, Osiyo street, Yunusabad district
Postal code:  100084
Telephone:  +998 (71) 234-33-21 / +998 (71) 234-69-14