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Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics Main

06 июня 2012

Соғлиқни сақлашни бошқариш ҳудудий органи тўғрисидаги Низом билан тасдиқланган Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics

Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics (RSSPMC of Pediatrics) is created in line with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 145 as of 21 May, 2009 "About the issues of organization of activity of republican specialized scientific-practical medical centers " on the basis of Research Institute of Pediatrics

Goals of the Center: provision of qualified medical care to children taking into account management vertical, which has in its basis non-stop observation of the child from birth and during other periods of childhood.

Directions of activity: conducting scientific research in the sphere of Pediatrics, methodological work, provision of patronage assistance and consultative assistance to practical healthcare, provision of specialized care to children population of the republic.

The Center has affiliations – 13 regional pediatric multi-profile centers on the basis of regional pediatric hospitals.

The structural sub-units of the Center are: gastroenterology, hepatology, neonatology, rehabilitation of newborns and younger children, pulmonology, infantile infections, medico-social and organizational issues in pediatrics and experimental-laboratory unit.

Curative activity: every year more than 10’000 children get specialized medical care and more than 20’000 children are consulted by specialists of the center.

Research directions: improvement of provision of health care to children; issues of diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and forecasting diseases of newborns and younger children; improvement of healthcare to children of first years of life, who were evaluated at neonatal period using international WHO criteria and those who experienced critical conditions in neonatal period; studying mechanisms of shaping and improvement of treatment methods of acute and chronic diseases of respiratory and digestive organs in children; improvement of immunization results in healthy and ill child.

Projects of State Committee on Science and Technology: Center staff perform 1 fundamental project, 10 applied and 2 innovation projects.

Using high efficiency liquid chromatograph increased the quality of diagnostics and expanded possibilities of the Center in treatment of childhood illnesses. The Center laboratory has equipment for PCR-diagnostics and automatic biochemical analyzers, which allow to check up to 60 biochemical indicators at the same time.

Personnel: At the moment there are working 13 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 36 PhDs in the Center.

In the past 20 years of Independence the scientific units of the Center prepared 75 PhD and 16 Doctors of Medical Sciences, who are now working in different parts of our republic.

Scientific achievements

The scientists of the Center implemented into practical health care the following outcomes of their research:

- Method of diagnostic and treatment of sepsis in children

- Model of medical-psychological rehabilitation of children with chronic hepatitis B.

- Method of diagnostics and treatment of enzymopathy of small intestine in children.

- Method of treatment of celiac in children.

- Methods of external and internal quality control of laboratory tests in clinical-diagnostic laboratories of treatment and prevention facilities of the republic.

- Principles of management and rehabilitation of newborns with extremely low body weight.

Scientific collaboration: RSSPMC of Pediatrics performs research in cooperation with other Research Institutes and Higher Education Institutes (Research Institute of Immunology of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Institute of Chemistry of vegetable substances of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Research Institute of Virology of MoH UZB, Research Center of Cardiology of MoH UZB, Institute of Bioorganic of Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, TashPMI).

International collaboration: Moscow Research Institute of Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery, Research Center of Child Health of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Research Center of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology of Ukraine, WHO, UNICEF.

RSSPMC of Pediatrics is the methodological center on implementation of WHO programs and technologies:

- «Creation of Baby Friendly hospitals»

- «Consulting on Breastfeeding»

- «Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses »

- «Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV»

- «Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses in HIV context »

Name of organization:  Republican Specialized Scientific-Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics
City/District:  Tashkent city
Address:  3, Talant passage, Chimbay-2 community
Postal code:  100179
Telephone:  +998 (71) 229-38-74 / +998 (71) 229-41-22
Fax:  +998 (71) 229-38-74
E-mail:  info@pediatriya.uz
Website:  www.pediatriya.uz