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“Health” train – providing services to population Main

28 марта 2015

“Health” train – providing services to population

Physicians of the “Health” train, organized by the “Sog’lom Avlod Uchun” (For Healthy Generation) international charity fund jointly with the “Uzbekiston temir yollari” State joint-stock railway company perform Health Days in Navoiy region.

The medical examination is provided to inhabitants of remote and mountain villages, as well as to citizens who need special care.

– There is paid special attention in our country to strengthening population health, providing quality medical services to inhabitants of remote areas, - says the physician of healthcare service of the “Uzbekiston temir yollari” State joint-stock railway company Munira Turaeva. – Exactly for this purpose there is arranged our medical and sanitary “Health” train. In the course of examination special attention is paid to health of elderly, children and young mothers. Local physicians are actively helping in this work.

In the course of the event there is also provided humanitarian aid to population in the form of food items, clothes, medical supplies, as well as sanitary and personal hygiene products.

– I am suffering from headaches for a long time. Due to day-to-day hassles I kept postponing the visit to doctor, – says the inhabitant of Tinchik village Rohila Safarova. I was very glad to find out, that the highly-qualified physicians who arrived at the “Health” train perform medical examination of population. I went through medical examination and got the necessary advice. We are immensely grateful for the attention and care provided to us by our state.

Physicians of the “Health” train perform in-depth medical examination of inhabitants of the territories around Navoiy, Tinchlik, Konimekh, Kara-Kata, Mustaqillik, Qizilquduq, Buzaubay and Uchkuduk railway stations.

Source: uza.uz