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Attention and care of every child Main

26 марта 2015

Attention and care of every child

The international research-to-practice conference “Autism: innovation resolutions and strategy for action” has been launched in Tashkent.

Its organizers are the Republican center for social adaptation of children; Republican community children fund “Sen Yolg’iz Emassan” (“You Are Not Alone”), Ministry of Public Education, Ministry of higher and secondary special education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of population of Uzbekistan.

Members of Senate and deputies of Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (Parliament), specialists of the ministries and agencies, representatives of public and non-governmental organizations, experts from Austria, Israel, China, France and Greece participated in the work of the international conference.

The Chairmen of the boards of guardians of the Republican Center for social adaptation of children and the Republican community public fund “Sen Yolg’iz Emassan” L.Karimova-Tillaeva, the Minister of Health A.Alimov, Minister of Public Education U.Inoyatov, First Deputy Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education F.Rizaev and others noted, that the issues of upbringing healthy generation, protection of rights and liberties, legal interests of children and youth are in the focus of constant attention of state.

Special attention at that is paid to children with limited physical abilities, their legal and social protection, there is provided help for their adaptation in society. The cooperation between state and public organizations plays important role in that.

Conducting the research-to-practice conference is conditioned by increasing number of children with disorders of autistic spectrum and different approaches to the issue of their education, upbringing and adaptation in the society, as well as the need of development of action strategy in this area on the basis of modern achievements of science and advanced international practices.

The participants of the international conference have noted that resolving of the issue of autism requires conducting applied innovation researches, which have to result in development of new effective programs and technologies, which allow improving adaptation of children with autism and their integration to society. The social partnership of all specialists: pedagogues, psychologists, physicians and speech pathologists – is of high importance at that.

The foreign specialists specially noted that in Uzbekistan there is provided targeted and addressed help to children with the signs of autism on the basis of social partnership. The Republican Center on social adaptation of children jointly with the “Sen Yolg’iz Emassan” fund is successfully implementing the number of social projects and health improvement actions in this direction. Thus, there is paid complex psychological help to children with autism and their families on the basis of Information-consulting service at the Republican Center for social adaptation of children. The developed complex targeted program consists of individual lessons with psychologist, group games, lessons in thematic classrooms and swimming pool, joint tailgate parties, teaching and relaxing trainings as well as information seminars for parents of children with autism. There are being actively implemented effective foreign methodologies, conducted master-classes with participation of leading foreign specialists.

– There is ongoing in-depth research of the autism problem in Uzbekistan, - says the specialist from Greece Dimitrios Nikolaos Sakellion. – The joint work of scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists provides its significant results. The complex methodology developed by them is effectively used at the Republican Center for social adaptation of children, with work of which we gained familiarity with. We will continue to collaboration with the colleagues from Uzbekistan in our further research works.

The participants of the conference exchanged opinions on topical issues of using innovation methods of revealing and elimination of autism, strengthening cooperation in this direction.

The Deputy Prime-minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Ikramov made a speech at the conference.

Source: www.uza.uz