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Japan assigned $1 million for 11 social projects in Uzbekistan Main

13 марта 2015

Japan assigned $1 million for 11 social projects in Uzbekistan

Grants of Japanese government will go for equipment of medical education facilities..

Japanese Government allocated 11 new grants to Uzbekistan in the framework of the “Grants for small scale social projects” program. The grant-contracts have been signed at the ceremony in Tashkent on 11th of March, attended by the Ambassador of Japan Fumihiko Kato, Minister of Health of Uzbekistan Anvar Alimov, Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Population Furkat Khalilov and Deputy Minister of Public Education Abdugani Kholbekov.

According to data of the Embassy of Japan within the period from 1995 to 2014 in the framework of the aforementioned project medical and educational facilities, local authorities and non-governmental nonprofit organizations implemented 341 projects to the total amount of nearly 22,248 million US dollars.

The total amount of 11 new projects is more than 1,132 million dollars. As the Ambassador of Japan informed at the signing ceremony, all projects will be implemented in the course of one year.

List of projects

  1. «Outfitting the state specialized preschool facility №25 Angren town, Toshkent region» — 99498 dollars;
  2. «Outfitting the secondary school №17 of Qushtepa district of Farghona region » — 106813 dollars;
  3. «Outfitting the secondary school №1 of Mubarek district of Qashqadaryo region » — 64592 dollars;
  4. «Outfitting the boarding school №4 for mentally retarded children in Khodjaabad district of Andijon region» — 79549 dollars;
  5. «Outfitting Bukhoro Regional Oncology Dispensary with medical equipment» — 132500 dollars;
  6. «Outfitting with medical equipment pediatric multi-profile medical center of Farghona region » — 116730 dollars;
  7. «Outfitting with medical equipment the clinic of Andijon State Medical Institute » — 99727 dollars;
  8. «Outfitting with medical equipment Navoiy regional center for rehabilitation of invalids» — 109845 dollars;
  9. «Outfitting with medical equipment the Republican Oncology Research Center» — 100000 dollars;
  10. «Outfitting with medical equipment Samarqand regional center for rehabilitation of invalids » — 109500 dollars;
  11. «Outfitting with medical equipment Khorazm regional center for rehabilitation of invalids» — 114000 долларов.

Ambassador of Japan and representative of school №17 of Kushtepa district Iqbolkhon Makhmoudova.

Source: «Gazeta.uz»