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Every child – in the focus of attention Main

07 марта 2015

Every child – in the focus of attention

The issues of protection of family, motherhood and childhood, strengthening of health of rising generation in our country are under special attention as priority directions of state policy.

The main purpose of activities of «Sen yolg'iz emassan» (“You are not alone”) public children fund - is providing help to children, suffering of various diseases, performing highly qualified medical examination of them.

The charity action “Giving smile to children” performed in the course of several years by this public organization jointly with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan and other organizations is successfully serving to precisely these purposes.

In the framework of the social action the boys and girls living in Kashkadarya region, deficient of parental care, children from families in need went through in-depth medical examination. In the course of action, arranged by multi-profile pediatric hospital № 1 of Qarshi city, children went through thorough examination of specialists – ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, traumatologists, echo-cardiologists, cardiac surgeons. The newborns with various congenital diseases have been provided with highly qualified specialized surgical care.

In the framework of the social action there have been conducted seminars, trainings, devoted to prevention of children’s diseases. The next steps of the action are scheduled to be organized in Khorezm and Bukhara regions.

Source: www.uza.uz