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“Don’t jeopardize your hearing ability” campaign Main

04 марта 2015

“Don’t jeopardize your hearing ability” campaign

Reason for anxiety

The growing level of effect of loud sounds at cultural-entertainment and sports facilities, like night clubs, pubs, discotheques, bars, cinemas, concert halls, stadiums and even fitness centers. The modern technologies become more and more widespread, and often such devices as audio players are used for listening music with unsafe sound level and for a long period of time. Regular effect of loud sounds creates serious threat of development of irreversible loss of hearing.

According to WHO evaluation, 1.1 billion young people in the world can be subject to the risk of losing hearing due to unsafe practice of listening. More than 43 million people in the world in the age of 12-35 years have due to various reasons hearing problems, leading to disability. Amongst teenagers and young people in the age of 12-35 years in the years in middle- and high- income countries

  • Nearly 50% listen music using personal audio devices, like MP3 players and smartphones with unsafe loudness levels.
  • About 40% are exposed to potentially harmful sound levels at night-clubs, discotheques and bars.

What can be done for not jeopardizing your hearing?

  • Do not raise the level of loudness. You can reduce the volume while listening music at personal audio devices:
  • Keep the safe volume levels. Identify the safe level of loudness on personal audio device through adjusting the loudness at comfortable level in quiet conditions, and it should not be more than 60% of maximal loudness.
  • Use protective earplugs. While visiting nightclubs, discotheques, bars, pubs, sports events and other noisy places use earplugs for protection of hearing. The properly inserted earplugs can help to significant extent reduce the level of effect of noise.
  • Use the rightly chosen insertable / laid on headphones, if possible with noise elimination. The noise elimination insertable and laid on headphones suppress the background noise, which allows to hear sounds at lower sound volumes.
  • Limit the time of participation at noisy activities:
  • Make short breaks in listening. While visiting nightclubs, discotheques, bars, pubs, sports events and other noisy places make short interruptions, and in this way reduce the total length of noise effect.
  • Avoid sources of loud sounds. In the places with high level of noise, try to stay as far as possible from such sound sources, as loudspeakers.
  • Limit the time of everyday use of personal audio devices.
  • Control safe loudness levels:
  • Use smartphone technology for measuring the levels of effect of noise and for receiving information on the risk related to your personal audio device in terms of hearing loss caused by noise.
  • Do not leave without attention the signs of losing hearing:
  • Refer to doctor –specialist in the sphere of hearing in case of tinnitus or if you hardly hear the high frequency sounds, such as doorbell, telephone bell, or alarm clock ring, have difficulties in understanding speech, especially during telephone conversations, or cannot hear your interlocutor at noisy places, for example in trestaurant or other crowded places.
  • Check your hearing on regular basis:
  • Use the services offered at schools, at working places and in communities in terms of periodic checking hearing, which can help in detection of hearing problems at early stages. Don’t jeopardize your hearing. After losing hearing you will not be able to restore it.

Source: who.int