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Theoretical and practical conference: “Urgent issues of Coloproctology” Main

25 октября 2012

Theoretical and practical conference: “Urgent issues of Coloproctology”


Of the theoretical and practical conference “Urgent issues of Coloproctology”

1. Coloproctology service in the Republic of Uzbekistan, development, urgent issues and their solution.

2. Urgent issues of in Coloproctology:

- Ulcerative colitis, course of severe cases, causes, diagnostics and treatment methods;

- Congenital anomalies and malformations of colon;

- Modern diagnostic methods in Colorectal Surgery, their shortcomings and advantages;

- Problems of patients with stomas: providing with devices for stomas: training the ways to care for the stoma, social and surgical rehabilitation.

3. Urgent Coloproctology:

- Diverticulosis of colon, providing medical care in cases of complication with bleeding;

- Diagnostics and treatment of traumas of rectum.

4. Diseases of anorectal area:

- Pain syndrome after surgeries in diseases of anorectal area.

- Weakness of pelvic floor muscles, diagnostics, correction methods (rectocele, rectal prolapse etc.);

- The ways of anesthesia at surgeries on anorectal zone.