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Scientific Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion Main

06 июня 2012

Соғлиқни сақлашни бошқариш ҳудудий органи тўғрисидаги Низом билан тасдиқланган Scientific Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

The institute has:

  • 7 scientific laboratories;
  • Organizational-methodological department;
  • Scientific medical library;
  • Clinic with 260 beds, consisting of 8 units, 3 laboratories, consultative-diagnostic polyclinic, X-ray cabinet, ultrasound diagnostic cabinet, cabinet of curative plasmapheresis, medico-genetic cabinet and drugstore;
  • Blood transfusion station which have republican status, consisting of 7 units, 5 laboratories and vivarium.;

Adult hematological unit for 105 beds, is designed for treatment of patients with acute and chronic leucosis, paraproteinemic haemoblastosis, widespread forms of anemia (hemolytic, iron-deficiency etc.).

Department of pediatric hematology is deployed for 55 beds. There are treated children with different diseases of blood system – leucosis, anemia, hemorrhagic diathesis.

Department of hemostasia problems designed for 40 beds and there are treated patients with hemophilia, hereditary and acquired forms of trombocytopathya. In 1985 there was created specialized unit for hemophilic patients with boarding school, where patients get both treatment and education (until 1996). Currently these patients ought to leave school due to frequent exacerbations.

Surgical unit with resuscitation block designed for 20 beds, exists since 1940. There are performed surgical treatment of patients with blood system diseases. Resuscitation unit is the only specialized one where is provided emergency care for hematologic patients. The unit annually provides emergency care to 300-350 patients.

The laboratory of biochemistry and biotechnologies exists since 1953. The scientific creative potential of the laboratory is concentrated on resolving actual problems of diagnostics of iron deficiency conditions, development of effective methods of treatment of iron deficiency anemia, studying fundamental issues of ferrokynetics on the whole. There is pathophysiology group within the laboratory. The group personnel developed and tested a number of hemocorrectors of polyfunctional action, and there are such drugs like «Succinasol», «Succiquil» and others.

The laboratory of hemostasis is arranged in 1975. It performs scientific research on wide range of problems of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of hemorrhagic diseases and syndromes. The laboratory staff provides constant consultative methodological assistance to curative-prevention facilities on the issues of hemostasiology.

The laboratory on studying anemia problems was created in 1994 for resolving of all the complex of issues, related to the iron deficiency anemia problem in Uzbekistan. Scientific research in the lab is performed to reveal the frequency of iron deficiency anemia in risk groups - fertile age women, adolescent girls and younger children, there are studied medico-social risk factors of development of iron deficiency anemia and on this basis complex organizational and curative-preventive measures on hemoglobin improvement in women and children are developed and implemented to practical healthcare network..

Clinical diagnostic laboratory. The main target of the lab is testing patients through all clinical tests. The morphological examinations of peripheral blood and marrow using methods of cytochemical analysis for identification of lymphoid or myeloid origin of tumor cells (reactions to identify myelperoxidase, lipids, glycogen, alfa-naphtyl-acetate-exterase) are performed here.

The laboratory of extra-corporal hemocorrection is founded in 1963. The main goal of the cabinet is provision of medical care to patients with blood system diseases using methods of extra-corporal blood cleaning – plasmapheresis, cytopheresis. Besides, the cabinet performs provision of thromboconcentrate from donors. At present time there is planned capital reconstruction of the institute building for setting up the department on treatment of patients with hemoblastoses, procurement of separators and other equipment for performing operations on transplantation of bone marrow and stem cells.

The blood transfusion station was set up first time in 1934. It is the organizational-methodological center of blood service of the Republic. The main task of the station is provision of donor blood, processing it into components and preparations, and supply of blood and its components and preparations to clinic departments and other medical institutions of the city.

Name of organization:  Scientific Research Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion
City/District:  Tashkent
Address:  138 Usman Nasyr street
Postal code:  100059
Telephone:  +998 (71) 278-19-77 / +998 (71) 278-79-35
E-mail:  info.niigem@minzdrav.uz
Website:  www.gematologiya.uz