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Scientific Research Institute of Virology Main

06 июня 2012

Соғлиқни сақлашни бошқариш ҳудудий органи тўғрисидаги Низом билан тасдиқланган Scientific Research Institute of Virology

About the Institute

Scientific Research Institute of Virology was organized on December 27, 1978 as a branch of the Institute of Virology of the Academy of Sciences of USSR. Since March 11, 1994 under the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers №134 it was reorganized into independent Scientific Research Institute of Virology of the MoH UZB.

Main directions of work of the institute are performing scientific-methodological and coordinating activities in the area of Virology and provision of highly qualified specialized medical care to population on diagnostics, treatment and prevention of viral infectious diseases.

The Institute is dealing with research in such infections like HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, feral herd viral infections, influenza (seasonal, avian flu, new), and enteric infections.

The Institute is a clinical training basis on preparing, retraining and postgraduate education of medical personnel. It trains physicians, clinical residents and postgraduate students.

Institute Departments

Laboratory of feral herd extremely dangerous viral infections (FHEDVI) of the Institute of Virology of MoH UZB was organized in 1967. It deals with studying causative agents and carriers of transmissible viral infections. It studies the mechanisms of natural nidality, peculiarities of epidemiology, epizootiology of extremely dangerous arboviral infections, ecology of their causative agents, improvement of early diagnostic methods, and preventive and anti-epidemic measures.

Reference-laboratory of the MoH UZB performs provision of monitoring system for quality of produced diagnostic test-systems for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis B and C, securing intra-laboratory quality monitoring system, and external evaluation of quality of diagnostic laboratory tests in practical diagnostic laboratories in different regions of the Republic; provides on the constant basis intra-laboratory standards for practical diagnostic laboratories.

National Influenza Center is created on the basis of Scientific Research Institute of Virology in October 2005 through the Order of the Minister of Health of Uzbekistan № 500 as of 10.10.2005. National Influenza Center is a Republican scientific-methodological Center on influenza and other viral infections issues. The Center staff participates in many international conferences and meetings on issues of pandemic flu, as well as bird flu. One of the scientific directions of the Center is studies on effectiveness of medicines against flu on the culture of influenza virus.

Clinic of the Virology Institute The Clinic of Virology Institute was organized on the basis of 2nd Infectious Diseases Hospital in 2006. The main direction of the clinic is provision of curative-preventive care to patients with HIV infection, acute and chronic viral hepatitis, hepatic cirrhosis and enteric infections.

Education of specialists on the issue of HIV/AID and other communicable diseases for laboratory doctors of virology laboratories, infectiologists, epidemiologists. There are conducted courses on the issues of laboratory diagnostics and treatment of viral communicable diseases.

Successes, achievements

There is performed decoding of nucleotide sequence of virus genomes, which helps to identify gene mutation, resistance of virus to the antiviral therapy being carried out.

There is performed also identification of mutations of specific genes, which have influence on sequence of chronic Hepatitis C and effectiveness of antiviral treatment in this disease, which helps to develop methods of forecasting treatment results and outcomes of chronic viral Hepatitis C, taking into account polymorphism of some of its genetic factors.

There is described at electronic microscopy the Shedding phenomenon of cytoplasm membrane of lymphocytes in the liver of patients with Hepatitis B and reported on international conferences (Germany 2009, Turkey – European conference on Hepatitis D, 2010).

There is developed the modified method of revealing HBsAg in liver biopsy materials of hepatitis B patients.

There is studied etiological structure of viral diarrheas, particularly described epidemiology and disease burden of rotaviral infection.

There are developed mathematical models of viral hepatitis and reported at international conferences (Japan, Germany, China).

The additional method of treatment of Crimea Congo hemorrhagic fever using Ribavirin medicine is developed.

The modern molecular-genetic diagnostics of viral infections using the method of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is implemented, and it allowed identifying viruses (hepatitis B, C, D, HIV etc.)important for the Republic of Uzbekistan, which made possible timely and high quality diagnostics and treatment of these infections.

In the framework of implementation of the “National Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan on control over influenza and preparedness to influenza pandemic” the Institute and Chair staff conducted ToT courses to train Master Trainers on treatment of patients infected with Avial flu A (Н5N1) and new А (Н1N1) flu.

In collaboration with personnel of Republican AIDS Center and Republican Research Center of Pediatrics the following parts of the National Protocol: hepatitis B and HIV infection: management of patients with combined infection; hepatitis C and HIV infection: management of patients with combined infection and Management of patients with opportunistic infections.

The Institute organized the following events:

· 15-16 September, 2009 – Fifth International theoretical and practical conference “Urgent issues of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of communicable and parasitic diseases” (in collaboration with the Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology of Communicable Diseases) in Tashkent.

· October 21-22, 2010. Theoretical and Practical Conference “Actual Problems of Communicable Diseases”.

Results of research of the Institute staff are reported on a number of international congresses and conferences (Germany, 2009, Turkey 2010, Japan 2010, China).

Name of organization:  Scientific Research Institute of Virology
City/District:  Tashkent
Address:  7 Yangi Shahar street, Yunusabad community, Yunusabad district
Postal code:  100133
Telephone:  +998 (71) 224-83-26
Fax:  +998 (71) 221-78-44
E-mail:  info.nii_virusologii@minzdrav.uz
Website:  www.med.uz/virology