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Republican oncology research center Main

06 июня 2012

Соғлиқни сақлашни бошқариш ҳудудий органи тўғрисидаги Низом билан тасдиқланган Republican oncology research center

Republican Oncology Research Center of the MoH of Uzbekistan (RORC MoH UZB) was founded in 1962 as Uzbek scientific-research institute of oncology and radiology of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Since 2000 – Republican Oncology Research Center of the MoH of Uzbekistan.

RORC MoH UZB is the head institution of oncology service of the Republic of Uzbekistan, incorporating 17 big institutions of oncology service (city, regional, republican dispensaries), as well as 271 oncology cabinets at district and city polyclinics. In total there are 2315 oncology beds in the Republic, and 90 of them are intended for treating children.

Main goals of RORS MoH UZB activities are:

· Highly specialized diagnostic, curative, consultative care for oncologic patients.

· Performing fundamental and practical research in oncology.

· Scientific-methodological, supervising assistance to regional oncologic dispensaries.

· Screening and prevention of malignant tumors.

· Being the main training base for preparation of clinical residents, masters, trainee-researchers on Oncology and Clinical Radiology specialty.

· There is functioning Specialized Scientific Board on defending Ph.D. and Doctoral dissertation works on the following specialties: 14.00.14-“Oncology” and 14.00.19- “X-ray diagnostics, Radiation Therapy”. Since 2001 till nowadays there are defended 94 dissertation works at the Board; 14 of them are doctoral, and 80 - Ph.D. ones.

· Currently at the RORC MoH UZB there are working 18 Doctors of Medical Sciences, 6 of them are professors, and 55 Ph.D.

· RORC MoH UZB is one of the leading centers in the NIS in the area of diagnostics and treatment of oncologic diseases.

Research activities of the Center are quite wide and include theoretical, experimental and clinical parts. All research works are performed using modern equipment, computers, and implemented by well coordinated and highly competent groups, monitored by the Scientific Board, under chairmanship of professor S.N.Navruzov, the Director of the RORC MoH UZB.

The main scientific achievements of the clinical departments of the RORC MoH UZB are:

· At-once creation of reservoir from small intestine after expanded gastrectomies (Patent №IAP20070260);

· Creation of neosphincter after surgeries on rectum at anal canal cancers;

· Scientifically substantiated use of hormones and oncomarkers in performing organ-preserving surgeries in oncogynecology;

· Performing various at-once plastic surgeries after mastectomy in breast cancers;

· Performing organ-preserving surgeries at kidney cancer;

· At-once surgeries on creation of artificial urinary bladder after cystectomy in urinary bladder cancer;

· New methods of esophagojejunal anastomosis after abdomino-cervical extirpation (Patent № 20050156);

Performing videothoracoscopic surgeries by the Head of oncothoracal unit professor N.F.Krotov.

· performing organ-preserving surgeries and putting new type endoprosthesis in osteoarticular tumors.

Main achievements in theoretical and experimental oncology:

· Laboratory of carcinogenesis and primary cancer prevention

· Laboratory on designing of antineoplastic medicines

The work on development and clinical implementation of new antineoplastic medicines, derived from domestic vegetable row materials is being performed at RORC MoH UZB. The research on tropolone alkaloids already gave some results: to the moment out of more than 50 newly synthesized substances 27 were checked for cytostatic and cytolytic activity in vitro at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) USA on 60 human lines of tumors. After intensive research of antineoplastic activity of a number of substances in vivo there are selected 5 active compounds: Decocyn, Decovin, К-48, К-42 and kolhiprit (К-20). The distinctive features of the substances studied are low toxicity along with high antineoplastic activity at preclinical tests on the experimental tumors, and the drug Decocyn is being implemented to healthcare practice, successfully going through clinical testing as a medicine for treatment of skin cancer. During treatment course there no negative influence on hemopoiesis and immune system is observed.

Laboratory on biology of tumors

Since 1997 up to now the research is devoted to molecular-genetic aspects of malignant growth. There were studied HLA-phenotypes and chromosome aberrations in different oncologic diseases. On the basis of HLA phenotypes and chromosome anomalies studies in patients there was developed screening program, which ensures early and differential diagnostics in cases of discrepancies between clinical and histological diagnoses. Laboratory staff performed studies in the framework of ГНТП grant on studies of pharmacological correction of neoplastic processes using new medicines, created on the basis of domestic vegetable row materials. The results of the studies allowed making important for clinical oncology practical conclusion about the necessity of individual assessment of response by malignant cells to treatment, for timely diagnostics of resistant cell clones and need of changing the therapeutic program.

Since 2001 the non-stop process of improvement of material and technical basis of the RORC MoH UZB is going on. All clinical departments, laboratory units and X-ray diagnostic unit are reconstructed. There are put into operation new buildings of X-ray therapy, pathomorphology, pediatric unit, conference hall, which meet all the modern requirements.

Every year RORC MoH UZB conducts more than 10 scientific-practical forums and trainings with involvement of foreign specialists, on urgent issues of theoretical and clinical oncology, which are attended by specialist oncologists of Uzbekistan, allied trade specialists, representatives of public organizations. Conducting such forums facilitates knowledge and experience exchange with foreign colleagues, serves as a school for young scientist oncologists.

Name of organization:  Republican Oncology Research Center
City/District:  Tashkent city
Address:  SHAYKHANTAUR district, 383 FAROBI street
Postal code:  100179
Telephone:  +998 (71) 246-05-13 / +998 (71) 246-29-78
Fax:  +998 (71) 246-29-78
E-mail:  sarimbekn@list.ru