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Duties Main

Yusupaliyev Baxodir Kaxramonovich

The duties and rights of the First Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdukhakim Muminovich Khadjibaev are as follows :

Coordinates the issues on organizing the medico-prophylactic care.

Provides overall direction over the functioning of scientific-research and educational facilities;

Coordinates the issues of control over the quality of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment as well as standardization and certification of medical and pharmaceutical goods, dangerous and toxic substances, narcotics, psychotropic agents, their production and usage;

Coordinates the step-by-step move of medical facilities to paid services and introduction of activities on creation of system of financing of healthcare through introduction of health insurance as well as development and implementation of proposals on denationalization and privatization of health care facilities, institutions and organizations;

Provides overall direction on the issues related to ensuring efficient functioning of emergency healthcare service;

Ensures shaping of system on computerization of the sector, organizes the works on maintaining the statistics in healthcare system, provides systematic supervision over the statistical recording and reporting mechanism, controls the reliability of statistical information.

Performs direct supervision to the following structures, which are directly accountable to the First Deputy Minister:

Main Department on organizing medico-prophylactic care;

Main Department of science and educational facilities;

Main Department of Control over the quality of medical devices and pharmaceuticals;

Center on privatization and organization of commercial services;

Republican scientific center of emergency medical care;

Institute of Health and Medical Statistics;

Center on development of e-health system “Uzmedinfo”;

Coordination of the work of “Sihat-Salomatlik” (“Health”) magazine and “Uzbekistonda sog’likni saqlash” (“Healthcare in Uzbekistan”) newspaper.